Taz Mix 17
1. Feather [Original_Mix] (V-Sag Feat Alexandra Mckay) 0:00
2. Majestade Real [Main_Mix] (Marchesini and Farina vs Max B) 5:04
3. Ima Gonna Rock U [Vox Dub Mix] (DJ Ivan Scratchin and Mumiy Troll) 10:49
4. Ride on Time [Paris Remix] (Candy) 16:50
5. You Make Me [David Michael - Jon Deke Mix] (Jeff Daniels Ollie Ple) 22:53
6. What is Love [Danny Cannizzaro Club Mix] (Greenpower) 28:23
7. GoGo Dancer [Extended Version] (Ensaime Feat Phb) 33:58
8. Rythm is a Dancer [Tom Novy Remix] (Snap) 39:15
9. Emotion Beat [Dr Kucho Remix] (Tommy Guitar P Carrilho) 46:11
10. In The Music [Cristian Marchi Perfect ReMix] (Deepswing) 51:10
11. Meet her at the Love Parade [Lissat and Voltaxx Remix] (Da Hool) 56:47
12. Time is Tickin [Original Mix] (Franky Miller) 62:56
13. Your lips on my lips [House Club Remix] (Rob Maddox) 69:10
14. You Keep Me Hanging On [Electro House Mix] (Rockwell) 72:20
(Total Track Time : 1 Hour 20 mins) Various places = Dj Taz Scream
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