Taz Mix 18
1. San Francisco [Feenixpawl Remix] (Citylife) 0:00
2. Hometown Glory [Axwell Remode Remix] (Adele) 5:52
3. I Kissed A Girl [Mark Kay Mix] (Katy Perry) 9:44
4. Sweet Dreams [Club Mix] (Elliotte Williams n Dure Morris) 15:22
5. When The Sun Comes Down [Spencer_and_Hill_Remix] (RIO) 20:39
6. Butterfly [DJ Vini Remix] (Crazy Town) 25:51
7. Say Yeah [Rivaz Remix] (Yves Larock Feat Jaba) 30:21
8. Ready Or Not [Crime N Candys Energetic Remix] (Chris Crime Feat Antonella Rocco) 34:50
9. Sexy Girls [Big Robinho Remix] (Pinups) 38:20
10. Ininna Tora [Original Mix] (Stylus Robb) 42:50
11. Shine On Me [Steve Pitron Max Sanna Totality Remix] (Tikaro J Louis and Ferran Feat Clarence) 47:20
12. Be My Lover [Radio Mix] (Anthem) 54:27
13. Lambada [Extended Vocal Mix] (Becca) 56:48
14. You Are The Queen [Juan Magan and Marcos Rodriguez Mix] (DJ Rob and Rivero) 61:20
15. I Begin To Wonder 2008 [Main Club Mix] (Jean Claude Ades) 66:09
16. Living In The Dark [In The Dark Remix] (DJ Ruby) 72:00
(Total Track Time : 1 Hour 19 mins) Various places . Dj Taz Scream
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